July 7, 2010


WooHoo! Today I am 24 weeks - Viability! This is probably the biggest milestone, right up there with 38 weeks. That means, God forbid, should this little guy decide to be born he would have a chance at survival. Not a great one by any means, and the chance of long term health problems would be pretty high, but there is a chance. I think 24 weeks deserves a party of some sort. Things are going pretty well. I'm still contracting more than a 24 weeker should be, but they aren't increasing in frequency and they aren't painful like they were last week. The pelvic pressure is pretty intense, but part of it I'm sure is it is my 4th baby and my poor ligaments and pelvic floor have taken a beating and are giving up! I chatted with my doc the other night, told her that when I walk my uterus tightens up in a ball, and that I was still contracting, probably more like irritability than contractions, had pelvic pressure, etc. She said as long as nothing gets worse, and my cervix doesn't start changing, it may just be that I have an irritable uterus and I'll be fine, and that I need to take it easy when I can. But if they increase in intensity or frequency, then I need to be checked out. Fine by me. But 16 more weeks of contracting all day everyday is going to get old. Plus I'm *trying* to take it easy...I don't like not being able to do all the things I want to do. My initial plan was to run the majority of my pregnancy, to take longish walks at the end, keep up with my kids and their activities, paint the kids rooms, rearrange things, etc. It drives me crazy that I just can't do it. I can't even go for a walk without getting uncomfortable. But I'm going to be good and not push it...I would not do well on bedrest. But I will do whatever it takes to keep little man in there until October.


Caro said...

Yay for viability!

Robert said...

Congrats on 24 weeks!

And best of luck for the coming 16!