January 22, 2010

Worth It

About a week or so ago, Isaiah decided that he was done sleeping in his crib and that he should crawl out and roam the house. We went from no problems with him getting out of his crib one night, to the next night getting up every 2 hours to put him back in bed. We finally decided to set up his bed. We need to take the crib down because he hasn't been in it since, but I know as soon as we take it apart, he will have a fit and not sleep in his big bed. We hated to do it, but we put one of those doorknob child safety things on the inside of his room so he can't open the door. The bedrooms are upstairs and I didn't want to wake up to him tumbling down the stairs, so it's for his safety. It's starting to get better, but our bedtime routine now consists of one of us lying with him in his bed until he falls asleep. Otherwise, he is up messing in his room and fussing. Last night, I was laying with him and he curled up next to me as close as he could get. He has always like to play with hair. He used to twirl his fingers in my hair while he nursed and he twirls a spot on his head as he falls asleep. So I wasn't surprised when he started playing with some of my hair. Then he grabbed my neck and pulled me close to him so that we were cheek to cheek. He fell asleep shortly after that. I stayed there with him a little longer than I had initially planned, just soaking up the moment.


Unknown said...

That just made me tear up. My jakob does that sometimes, where he pulls me in close so that our cheeks are touching, or so that his face is buried in my neck, and I jsut eat it up, wishing we could stay like that forever....

Anonymous said...

Aww. I just weaned my 14 mo, he was a constant nurser but never much of a cuddler. Now that he's not bf'ing anymore, when I lay him down to sleep he wraps his arm around my neck and curls up almost under me. I love it, that's the only time I get to hold and squeeze him.

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