October 1, 2009

It's Fall!

I just love this time of year. The temperatures are great, you can wear long or short sleeves, the colors of the leaves are fabulous, and of course, I LOVE the pumpkin patches and apple orchards. It's become a requirement with our family that we go to the apple orchard and local pumpkin patch at least once. On Tuesday, the weather was great and we decided to go. There is a little pumpkin farm not too far from us, and it had been just a little farm where you could buy pumpkins, pay on the honor system in a cash box, and they had a turkey and rabbits for the kids to look at. I had heard they had expanded their farm, and boy did they! They have an actual store now, a little village for the kids complete with mini-houses, hay bale tower, and more animals. It was a ton of fun.


Joy@WDDCH said...

Mmmm, I absolutely love this time of year as well! I don't know anyone who doesn't. It's just the best season of the year.

Now I need to remember to mark down on the calendar when we go to the pumpkin patch!

mitchsmom said...

What fun! Yesterday was our first "cooler" day here in S. Fl... that means that I was able to wait for my kids at piano lessons in the car... still necessary to be in the shade for sure, and I could roll down the windows and wait without actually dying or turning on the AC. LOL

It would be nice to see the leaves changing... there is one spot in a certain park in our town that you can sort of get the feel, some years in January. I still wouldn't trade it for winters, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

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