September 14, 2009

A few Pictures

Jacob has been playing football this fall. The flag football program is new this year as a part of the JFL, or Junior Football League. Once the kids are in 3rd grade, they play with full gear but for the little kids, they are doing flags, although they end up tackling each other anyway! They are the Sting, which goes along with the school mascot, the Hornet. So far they haven't really figured out a structure for the flag football. Some places they keep score, some dont. One game, they treated it like a H.S. game, obviously more for the fun of it than anything, but they announced the players, did play by play and ran the siren with a touchdown. It was cool and the kids loved it. It's fun to watch these little guys playing and the little girls cheerleading.

God bless those coaches and their patience! They manage to corral a group of 6 and 7 year olds and teach them to play football!

I got a flag!
Cool Cats

Husband watching Isaiah run all over the field

I'm sure there was some serious football discussion going on here
And the ball's in play

Right before this picture, they were all actually sitting nicely, until Isaiah started fussing, wanting to play with the camera. He was also kicking and got Clara, and Husband caught her mid-holler. Ah well, you just can't get 3 kids to cooperate for a picture very well!


Morgan said...

That last picture is great! It is SO hard getting 3 (or more) kids to look the same direction AND smile at the same time. said...

Little kid's coaches are AMAZING.

Fun pix :)