April 23, 2009


This weekend I am off! Yaahoooo! I am taking the kids up to spend the weekend destroying my sisters apartment. The original plan was for Husband to come too, but his asst. manager left and he wasn't able to get the weekend off. It should be fun. The only part that sucks is the 4 hour car ride with 3 kids. I'm actually pulling Jacob out of school tomorrow so we can get up there at about 5:00. Today I'm running around, trying to get the laundry done and the house straightened up so I don't have to do it when I get back Sunday. In my fantasy, Husband will keep the house clean! Here's a list of the items needed for me and my 3 kids to go on a weekend trip.

I-pod, loaded with new songs for my enjoyment and also kid's Bible songs to keep them entertained
2 drinks with lids and some snacks for the kids
bottle of diet coke for mommy
2 air mattresses
2 comforters
2 blankets
4 pillows
Clara's blankies
Jacob's blanket
3 Isaiah blankets
Clara's purple baby and her baby's blankies
3 sippy cups
pack of diapers and wipes
2 pull-ups (just in case, even though Clara's been dry most nights!! Yeah!!)
2 sets of pj's X 3 kids
3 sets of clothes for Jacob, and Clara
5 sets of clothes for Isaiah
4 bibs
butt paste
baby lotion
baby soap
baby shampoo
barrettes, ponytail holders, brush
high chair (our's is small and sits on a chair so is easily portable)
bag of big kid toys
a few of Isaiah's toys
2 leapsters to entertain the big kids for the 4 hour drive
and 2 grocery bags of kid food.

And that doesn't include my bag! Amazingly, all of that will fit into my van.

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