September 24, 2008

I am declaring War

I'm taking a mental break right now from clearing out my house. My indoor cats, INDOOR cats, are infested, covered in fleas. I am just sick over this. I'm in the process of removing all the kids toys, washing all things washable in preparation to bomb the house tonight. It's quite a daunting task. Thankfully one of my friends works at a vet clinic and is getting me some good stuff for the cats and the house. We didn't notice it until the cats were covered, and this morning, I noticed one on Clara and one on Isaiah. Everyone has their "thing" that absolutely grosses them out, like public bathrooms, outhouses, etc. Mine is apparently the thought of having fleas in my house. So, after my freak out, break down, I am recovering and waging war on these pesky little bugs. I will prevail.


Jessica said...

Good luck! Just so you're might take more than one bombing to get it all cleared up. We used to have to go through this every year (or at least every other) at my house when I was growing up.

Prisca: said...

fleas are the worst! good luck!