May 25, 2007

Finally, I figured out how to get back to my blog. Lots of stuff happened since I decided to start my own blog. We moved to a new house, I'm now only working weekends and one day during the week at L & D for more pay than 4 nights a week. Very nice. And we found out we are expecting our 3rd and final addition December 30. With this pregnancy, I assumed it would be much the same as the last two - no morning sickness. Well, I've been praying to the throne for the last 3 weeks at least 3 times a day. Now that I have my new best friend Zofran, things are looking up though.
I guess let me introduce myself. I'm a night shift labor and delivery nurse and mother of 2 beautiful but ornery children, 4 and 2 1/2. I love the night shift and the different atmosphere you have at night so I'm not sure I'll ever leave. That is until I go back to school for women's health nurse practitioner, but thats a few years down the line.

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