October 11, 2007

Home improvement and expanding girth

I've been pretty busy the last couple days. We're in the process of trying to get our house insulated before winter sets in, but before we can do that, we have to replace all the old wiring. Otherwise, putting insulation on top of the old stuff would create a fire hazard. We thought we'd have all the rewiring done, but, alas, no. Husband is having a buddy come over tonight to loosen all the floor boards up in the attic. Sounds like great fun. Then we'll have our dads come spend a couple days just working on the wiring and laying the insulation down. Since they won't let me help with any of that stuff, I got to go buy the insulation. Boy was that fun. Nothing gets a Menards employee's attention like a pregnant woman standing in the insulation aisle. It was a bit ridiculous. I had to hunt someone down after 3 guys passed me up. Then the guy I cornered treated me like a moron. Now, I have thoroughly researched insulation and knew what I wanted and was very clear about this. He kept questioning me until I told him I knew what I wanted and if he wouldn't help me get the number of rolls I needed, than I would do it myself. So, after all of that, I bought insulation, and when I got home, I made a call to the store manager to complain. Hey, don't mess with a cranky pregnant woman whose attic is being torn up. I also got the baby's room painted, put up shelving in 3 closests in the bedrooms and moved the fouton out of the baby's room down into our computer room (with help, of course). And finished 6 loads of laundry! I feel accomplished. Tonight, while the guys are having fun in the attic, I plan on setting up the nursery, but we'll see if the kids let me do that.

Within the last week, I've definately grown in girth. My co-workers kept telling me, up until this past weekend, that I don't look that big. I felt they were lying, but whatever. This weekend though, people were saying the opposite. One girl asked how much longer I had. I said "I'm 28 weeks". That's when she smiled and said "I thought you were about 34 weeks". Another said "You're going to be HUGE!" when I told her I was only 28 weeks. Gee, thanks. Really, I dont care. Everyone remembers the size I was when I delivered Clara. I really didn't get big with her, but I got HUGE with Jacob. And I think that's how this one is going to be. Plus, I don't really have much control over how big my belly gets, my weight I do have control over, but if Isaiah wants a big uterus, that's what he'll get. Just as long as flips out of being sideways sometime soon!

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Jen, Rich & Joey said...

Have fun setting up the nursery, that sounds like fun. That is IF the kiddos allow you to. Try not to over do yourself. Heck, you're a L&D nurse you know how much you should & shouldn't be doing. ;)

There must be a secret rule among male employees in hardware stores, that they must treat any and all women ESPECIALLY hormonal pregnant ones like they're a moron. I can't stand going into our Home Depot because of that. I'm the Do-It-Myselfer and my husband is not so most of the time I'm the one runnin to the hardware store for odds & ends.

That's insane that that women and her family didn't know she was pregnant. I'm with you, I think its denial because the movements during the 3rd trimester are unmistakable! I don't buy that she didn't know. She knew, but didn't wanna know.